About BenRom:

At BenRom Steel Guitars, pride and love is built into every steel guitar.

Pride- because this builder is proud of his accomplishments in the steel guitar world and also because of the feeling of being a member of a small but close-knit community of steel guitar players and builders from all over the world.

Pride - because of the feeling of bridging a gap between North American-built pedal steel guitars and players in Europe and other continents. Historically, the pedal steel guitar has been somewhat cost-prohibitive to buy for a European when considering the relatively high purchase price for this instrument, and then getting charged high shipping fees and duties. At BenRom, a quality pedal steel guitar is built with this in mind and the builder endeavours to keep his price at a reasonable level, to make it more manageable for buyers on other continents. This is not to say that North American players are not welcome. You are more than welcome to take a closer look and maybe even decide that the BenRom Pedal Steel could be for you!

Finally – Love . This builder is a hobby woodworker and wood lover. Each steel guitar cabinet is built with love and respect for one of our abundant natural products. Here in Canada, fine maple species are readily available in the builder’s home town. Beautiful Birdseye Maple and Curly Maple come from the province of New Brunswick and other provinces. Hard Maple is readily available right here in our own back yard in Ontario. When you buy a BenRom, we can give you the choice of any of these Maple woods.

Also, the builder’s love for steel guitar music should be mentioned. The love affair with Pedal Steel began one day in the 60’s when he heard a Jim Reeves song being played and not knowing what kind of instrument was making that heart –tugging sound, he set off on a journey that took him from discovering the pedal steel to playing in local bands for a short time. Although the playing career was short lived, the love for steel guitar never died and here he is, several decades later, building his love into every instrument he makes.

PS. At BenRom we like to maintain an open door policy. Of course, steel players, local and within somewhat easy driving distance are more than welcome to drop by and talk steel. Players from far away are extended the same welcome. Just make sure you email me ahead of time so I am at home when you arrive!

With Pride and Love,

Bent Romnes
London, Ontario Canada