Here are some links to steel related websites and steel players whom I admire...

The USA steel forum and the biggest in the world:

The popular forum for steel guitar builders:

Norway's steel forum:

Britain's steel forum:

The wit of Cal Sharp ...or C# as he is called:

Dave Seddon, excellent British steel player. Plays and endorses the BenRom Pedal steel:

Everybody knows this fine British player:

My good friend Ed Ringwald (Peewee Charles), Gordon Lightfoot steel player of many years:

Norway's preeminent pedal steel player, Egil Skjelnes:

Another fine steel player here in Ontario:

Don Burrows, steel guitar builder and my supplier of the finest steel guitar legs made from polished stainless steel

The BenRom sound. My friend Dale Rivard playing Sweet Memories on the BenRom

The BenRom 006. Three songs played by Dale Rivard. Note that 2 songs are played through a Peavey Nashville 112 amp. The second song is repeated through a Fender Twin Reverb amp.

Dale Rivard playing the BenRom 007