David Hartley

I had the pleasure in playing the BenRom 4. "BLUE" during my visit to Norway. This impressed me from the moment I saw it. The finish of the guitar is gorgeous with natural wood. The changer looks great too made of polished brass and of a width of about 1". This guitar was set up and after tuning once, it stayed in tune for the whole weekend without having to tweak anything. This is always a good sign of a solid well built guitar. The pedal action was light and positive, the standard set up is 4 pedals and 5 knee levers. The copedant slightly differed from what I am personally used to but after a few minutes of playing it, I found it all very comfortable with just the right travel and knee lever and pedal movement. I was very impressed. And of course, the sound. This had a single coil pick up which was also made by Bent. It had a beautiful sound. Playing it straight into a Fender steel king through a Goodrich pot pedal. No FX in line, just the reverb on the amp. I played few instrumentals on the BenRom with John Stannard at Atle Kvalsvik's music room. The sound was perfect. John Stannard loved it too. My congratulations to Bent for building a Quality, good sounding, good looking steel guitar.

Lloyd Green

The BenRom 007 sounds really good. The tone is smooth and elegant, with plenty of sustain and note separation. Dale Rivard’s playing is excellent, too. With the consideration that Dale is using only reverb and a Nashville 112 amp, the tone and sound is that much more remarkable. I think that sound from a steel guitar, any steel, puts it in the league with the top pedal steels available today.

Outstanding creation, Bent!

Ben Banville

Thanks Bent. You'll be happy to know #004 stayed perfectly in tune both nights! The first gig was outdoors in damp rainy weather, and last night was in a local road house (after the steel spent the day in my truck with the windows rolled up.)

You built a good steel guitar and she sounds fabulous.